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  • Adjustable Puppy Colada Harness

    Sassy Woof
    20,90  Select options
  • Aurora Adjustable Harness

    Sassy Woof
    26,90  Select options
  • White Tartan XXL sweater

    22,30  Select options
  • Harness Rescued with Love

    Moomoo's Harness
    16,90  Select options
  • Harness Paisley SIZE M

    15,90  Select options
  • Bathrobe ♀

    Urban Pup
    22,90  Select options
  • The Jungle Reversible Harness

    Frenchy and Friends
    12,90  Select options
  • Reversible Flossy Harness

    Animale Pet Accessories
    12,90  Select options


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  • Aluminum Sailor Woof QR CODE tag

    14,90  Select options
  • Sailor Woof aluminum tag

    13,90  Select options
  • Sailor Woof Adjustable Harness and Leash Set

    Piggy Pet
    37,80  Select options
  • Sailor Woof bag holder

    Piggy Pet
    10,40  Add to cart
  • Sailor Woof leash

    Piggy Pet
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  • Adjustable Sailor Woof Harness

    Piggy Pet
    27,90  Select options
  • Lux Leopard sweatshirt

    Piggy Pet
    34,90  Select options
  • Blue Dream Adjustable Harness and Leash Set

    Piggy Pet
    36,90  Select options
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Guides and Tips

Take the dog to the sea

Bring the dog to the sea Summer is coming and with it our desire for vacation and the sea grows! And what holiday would it be without our beloved four-legged friends? But how to behave at the sea and on the beach with our furry ones? First of all, remember that the sun's rays are bad for [...]

Heatstroke in dogs

Heatstroke Summer arrives, together with which the desire to be outdoors returns, to spend days in the parks, to go for walks with our puppies. When it is very hot, however, it is necessary to be very careful of our 4-legged friends. All dogs suffer from heat, but those most at risk of heatstroke [...]