The benefits of Yak Bars

The benefits of Yak bars for dogs are many and precious, let's see what they are together. The Himalayan Yak bars are produced with the Yak milk, also called Tibetan ox, an animal similar to a large bull but with thicker and longer hair. Yak milk today constitutes one news in terms of canine diet and there are many veterinarians who recommend their consumption for its beneficial properties. It is a milk from the female Tibetan ox, a species that grazes on open grasslands in the Himalayan highlands and which he is not receiving hormones, antibiotics or other chemicals. Yak milk is a product widely consumed also by man, as a drink but also transformed into butter, cheese and yogurt and is the basis of the diet of Tibetan nomads, precisely because of the great benefits it has always received. Yak milk possesses, in fact, great antioxidant properties and many essential vitamins for dogs, but also for humans, and that's a lot rich in protein. Yak bars are made with Yak milk and are a great snack for our dogs and yours beneficial properties, both because they represent a snack completely natural which contains many essential nutrients, including protein and calcium, to properly and naturally supplement your dog's nutrition. It is also good for more delicate dogs that suffer from digestive problems, as the amount of lactose contained is very minimal. Yak milk is also great for puppy dogs. Chewing the bar, in fact, the puppies they satisfy their urge to nibble, and in the meantime they develop teeth that will replace the milk ones, while helping to defeat plaque and tartar. Yak bars for dogs are
  • healthy
  • 100% natural
  • digestible
  • lasting
  • hard but not too hard
  • low odor
  • healthy
  • nutrients
  • safe
  • do not stain
When chewed they give off an aroma similar to smoked cheese (although they contain very little lactose). The chewing of a finger can also last hours, giving a sense of well-being and satisfaction to the dog. One natural snack rich in proteins for dogs of all sizes. So basically the Yak bar is also useful for keeping the teeth healthy, avoiding infections and other problems in the mouth. Buy it now!    

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