Better the harness or the collar?

Better there harness or the collar? A question that many dog owners, especially beginners, ask themselves.

We will tell you in this article what the differences perceived by the dog in wearing one or the other. The choice of using one over the other is always one very personal choice, which the dog owner must do, based on in-depth knowledge of their pet.

  1. Characteristics of the harness
  2. Characteristics of the collar
  3. Which product to choose
  4. Which is best for my dog

Characteristics of the harness

The harness it is seen by the dog as a tool not constricting, which leaves him free to socialize and explore the surrounding environment.

The dog does feels much more comfortable in confronting his peers and, if the dog were to pull during the walk, he would not risk getting hurt.

And, however, less fast and practical to wear compared to a collar and you risk that the dog pulls more easily.

Characteristics of the collar

The collar, on the other hand, it is perceived by the dog as a control tool and coercive, which does not allow him to communicate properly with his fellows.

Also, it needs to be done a lot of attention that the dog does not pull it off with fast and unexpected movements in situations of particular stress.

It is, however, quick and easy to put on, sometimes it is preferred by the dog itself to the harness because it is less "bulky" and allows greater control by the handler in situations of need.

Which is best for my dog

That said, if you are wondering whether harness or collar is better and are in doubt, test both and carefully observe your dog's behavior and reactions.

Often, it is they themselves who make us understand what is best for them.


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