What size of harness should I buy?

Choose the correct bib size for your dog it is essential for his comfort and safety.

Let's immediately dispel the myth that there is the perfect size based on the breed. There is no size for French Bulldog, nor one for Dachshund, nor one for Pug. This because not all the specimens of the same breed have the same physical conformation, same measures and same needs.

To choose the right bib size, as well as any other accessory or item of clothing, you need to know the size of the circumference of the neck and chest of the dog and of the back length (the latter is used only for the purchase of clothing).

If you are unsure how to take these three measures watch the video that you find in ours size guide.

Once you have these 2 sizes (3 in case you want to buy clothing) choosing the right size will be very simple. Based on ours size chart that you find immediately below the description of each product. For example if your dog has a neck circumference of 43 cm and a chest circumference of 55 cm, you will have to choose the size that contains 43 in the “neck” range and at the same time contains 55 in the “chest” range. If in doubt, because your dog is right between two sizes, always choose the larger one.

And if you have other doubts, contact us so that we can always advise you in the best possible way.

Choosing the correct bib size allows you to have the best product for your dog's physical conformation, for this it is a fundamental step during your purchase.

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