Which harness should I choose?

Which harness should I choose for my dog?

Choose the right bib for our 4-legged friend it is very important, as it will allow him to move comfortably and comfortably and you to have maximum control in all situations.

There are different types of harnesses:

The adjustable harness, as well as the harness strap, is highly recommended during growth, as it allows you to adjust the width both on the neck and on the chest. It is also very suitable for breeds that have a very large head and a smaller body, again because of its easy adjustment.

The reversible bib it is recommended for dogs who love comfort, who like to move freely and who love walking, as it is a very functional and practical product, perfect for any activity.

The step-in harness it is a perfect product for dogs who do not like having their head touched while wearing the harness. This type of harness, in fact, allows it to be worn by the paws and to be easily hooked over the dog's shoulder blades.

Each harness has its own peculiarity, so it is very important to know your puppy and choose which product to use accordingly.



The adjustable harnesses, both on the neck and on the bust, allow a perfect fit for every body shape. It does not tighten and does not irritate.



The H-strap harnesses allow you to correctly calibrate the weight of the dog, so as not to weigh too much on the front legs or on the hind ones.


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