Harnesses for dogs


In our shop you will find harnesses for dogs classic or adjustable, lightly padded to ensure maximum comfort even for our puppies with the most sensitive skin.

The harness for dogs it ensures, compared to the collar, maximum freedom of movement and patrolling, while maintaining maximum control of our 4-legged friend.

Furthermore, the harnesses present in our store have a unique and exclusive design, to never give up on style!

Which dog harness to choose?

Exist classic H-shaped dog harnesses, made of durable nylon webbing, e adjustable H-harnesses, made of neoprene and soft mesh fabric. The latter are also perfect for dogs with delicate skin, sensitive to the rubbing of classic models.

Harnesses to H

The harnesses for dogs H-shaped are the best choice to avoid tracheal problems or weight on the back to the dog during our walks.

Our harnesses for dogs, in fact, have a structure specifically designed not to force the dog to the throat and to correctly adjust the weight of the body on the 4 legs. This ensures that your back and neck are not burdened during the walk.

The leash attachment ring is located on the back, in a position specifically designed not to choke the dog, very popular especially for breeds with congenital breathing problems such as French bulldog, pug etc.

If you are looking for the best harness for your puppy you are in the right place, choose the model you like best and do not hesitate to contact us for any questions about the size 🙂


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