The importance of oral hygiene

Just as we humans care a lot about our oral hygiene, we must never underestimate the oral hygiene of our dogs.

To prevent the formation of plaque and tartar is very important for avoid dental problems.

But what should we humans do?

Our task is as simple as it is fundamental.

We must check the health of our dog's teeth and gums with periodic checks by the veterinarian and learn to recognize any alarm bells so that we can be timely with remedies.

So, let's start by saying what the causes of dental problems of our furry ones.

The main cause comes from plaque formation, which, if left untreated, turns into tartar which, being loaded with bacteria, is likely to cause irritation and inflammation to the gums and teeth.

The main symptoms are halitosis, brownish teeth, red and swollen or bleeding gums.

What to do to prevent negative consequences for the formation of plaque and tartar?

To keep your dog's oral hygiene under control brush your teeth daily with the use of a special toothbrush for dogs together with a toothpaste.

Toothpaste can be in pasta or spray. The latter has the convenience of being able to be sprayed directly into the dog's mouth and then being able to be spread over the dog's teeth with gauze wrapped around our finger (lightly rubbing teeth and gums so as to make it absorb better).

There are also some snacks, very comfortable and tasty, in the shape of a toothbrush or with particular shapes made specifically to clean the teeth in depth, which help your dog to keep plaque, tartar and halitosis under control. Always choose snacks that are as natural as possible.

The snacks for cleaning the teeth that you find on our store are natural and with few calories.

With these tips, and periodic checks by your vet, your dog and you can rest assured!


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