Pesticides for dogs

Pesticide for dogs, which one to choose?

With the arrival of spring, many dog parasites awaken and this represents a danger for our 4-legged friends.

The period of greatest activity of these parasites is the period that goes from April to September.

In this period it is therefore a must to bring pesticides effective against ticks and parasites various to protect our dog from possible attacks.

Buying a pesticide is important not only to protect our dog, but also to protect ourselves from diseases that these parasites could transmit to us.

What types of pesticides are there?

There are various types of pesticides which are distinguished mainly by the method of application, but all have theaim to protect the dog from parasites that are dangerous to their health.

There are pipettes (one of the most widespread and most opaque), the pesticide shampoo (with a fairly limited coverage over time) ei pesticide collars (these are also among the most popular).

In commerce you can also find natural remedies, both in the form of cutaneous applications and for administration by mouth. These remedies can lead actually some advantages, especially for dogs with very sensitive skin and who live mainly in apartments.

THE pesticide collars have the advantage to be of simple application and to have a lgrease duration with a gradual release.

They are also less invasive than pipettes and they have aexcellent repellent action.

On the other hand it is not recommended for the older dogs and pregnant dogs, they can lead erythema in the dog's neck area and is recommended do not sleep with the dog if this is wearing it.

The pesticide pipettes can be regarded as the best pesticide against ticks also eliminating the eggs parasites.

I do not forgive, Furthermore, effective with water and they have aexcellent repellent action.

On the other hand, the application can be not simple, especially if the dog does not cooperate.

They last 1 month and then they must be reapplied and they are not suitable for puppies or the elderly.

They could also cause annoyance and allergies to particularly delicate subjects.

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