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If you are looking for one H-harness for dogs it is very likely that a friend recommended it to you, you read it somewhere or your vet recommended it. Exist different models of H-harness and in this article I will help you find the most suitable model to your dog.

What are the benefits of the H-harness for dogs?

 The H-harness for dogs is a harness fully adjustable, a feature that makes it fit both for adult dogs that for cuccioli growing. For this reason it is one of the most used absolutely and is considered one of the best harnesses currently available. Its structure, in fact, is made specifically for do not damage posture of the dog by not putting pressure on its most delicate points. In fact, it does not exert pressure on the neck or throat and correctly regulates the weight on the spine without straining the joints of the legs.

The harness for dogs in H also allows the dog to relate to his fellow men in a free and easy way and leaves him free to patrol during walks. Some studies also show that the use of the H-harness reduce the dog's tendency to pull and ensures that a more serene bond is established with your conductor (especially with respect to the use of the collar).

How many types of H-harness are there?

Each harness model has specific characteristics that allow you and your dog to enjoy fantastic walks. The models of H-harness on the market are: the Harness Strap and the H-harness padded.

Harnesses Strap (H-shaped)

The Harness Strap is made of materials soft and comfortable and wraps the dog around the neck and chest. The D-ring to attach the leash is located on the back, but more and more frequently we find them on the market with a second D-ring on the front, a ring that helps the handler to train the dog to do not pull during the walk. It can have a single closure on the chest or even a second closure on the neck for awearing even more quick and easy. The harness Strap must be adjustable in three points, on the neck circumference, on the chest circumference and on the length of the bridge, i.e. the lower strap that connects the two rings (which wrap around the neck and chest).

Padded Harnesses (H-shaped)

The H-padded harnesses they are suitable for all dogs, especially dogs with delicate skin and coat. The padded harness, in fact, allows you to preserve the dog from chafing that a classic harness could cause with consequent irritation. There are padded bibs adjustable and padded harnesses reversible.

The adjustable padded harnesses have straps that can be extended or shortened both on the chest and on the neck, making them perfect for any physical conformation. They are made in soft and breathable materials that allow the dog to stay comfortable and cool in any season. Yes they fasten easily on the chest, having slipped them from the head, and they have a practical D-ring on the back for leash attachment. More and more often we find a second D-ring on the front of the harness, very important for teach the dog not to pull.

The reversible padded harnesses are adjustable on the chest and are characterized by having two different patterns on each side, sides that can be easily swapped to change your look whenever you want. They are harnesses very well tolerated from dogs, thanks to them soft and light structure. They close on the chest, after having slipped them from the head. Again, the leash can be attached to the D-ring on the back or the one on the front.