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Get inspired by the coolest looks of our most social customers!

- Let it Snow -

@piggylittlepug with the Cloud Duvet, size 36.

@fiona_bulldogfrancese with the Unipup sweatshirt, size XL.

@thepug_lola with the Gemma Coat, size 36.

Orwell with Tangerine Down Jacket, size 2XL.

@ olivia.thefrenchbulldog with the Pink Camo Sweatshirt, size XL.

Silver down jacket, size 3XL.

- Baby It's Cold Outside -

@otello_ilmonello with the Livin 'la Vida Frenchie Sweatshirt, size XL

Orwell with the Red ribbed sweater, size XL

@poldo_the_frenchie with the Pizza Sweatshirt, size L


@edwarddogram with The Child sweatshirt, size XL

@__ettorethefrenchie_ with the Shark Camo Sweatshirt, size L

@fridadettapina with the Monkeys sweatshirt, size L

- Barbie Girl -

@ elisa78_victoria18 with the Light Pink sweater, size M

@melody_frenchieblue with the Sweet Plum sweater, size S


@guenda_the_bully with the Ladybug sweatshirt, size L

@vale_and_her_sweetpugs with the Pink Camo sweatshirt, size M, and the Bella bib, size S

@teatheminipug with the Diamond Jersey, size S

Victoria with the Pink shirt, size XL

- Walking on Sunshine -

@mokatheadorablepug with Mochi Christmas harness, size M

@ottoilbullo with Arctic Leopard harness, size M

@ leo.thefrenchiebully with the Woof Stripe bib, size M

@poldo_the_frenchie with the BatPig Original bib, size M / L

@oscar_the_dachshund_puppy with Napa collar, size M

Goofy with the Under the Mistletoe harness, size M

- Kiss the Rain -

@ pepe_the_frenchie18 with the Shark Monster raincoat, size 3XL

@iamdanteleone with the Quack Quack raincoat, size XL

@cuor_di_mela_cotogna with the Pink raincoat, size XL

@pablothelazy with the Zig Zag raincoat, size 2XL