Things to know before getting a pet

The idea of adopt a pet with which to share our activities and our daily life is very tempting.

But there are things to keep in mind before taking this important step:

  1. Adopting a dog or cat is a long-term commitment, it is necessary to take care of him for his whole life, guaranteeing him proper health care, a full life and above all a lot of affection;
  2. Choose the'"right" pet based on your lifestyle, your living spaces and your private and business needs;
  3. Buy or adopt only from subjects authorized to do so, always and only turning to professionals in order to avoid running into non-legal trafficking;
  4. Immediately equip the animal if not already equipped with a microchip at your veterinarian or immediately change ownership and one medal identification;
  5. Educate the dog to all internal and external situations, to be with other animals and with people (if necessary with the help of professionals);
  6. Provide a'proper nutrition according to his needs to ensure the well-being of his animal;
  7. Give it some time and secure it proper physical exercise daily.

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