Traveling with the dog by plane

Traveling with your dog is always nice, but it is important to know the rules in order to travel safely and without surprises.

Let's start from the airport: the dogs can enter airports, on a leash and a muzzle is often required (so always carry it with you).

By plane they have to travel always in its own carrier, from which they will not be able to leave for the entire route.

Below 10 kg weight the dog can travel with us in the cabin (although some companies reduce this limit to 6 kg), over 10 kg, however, will be boarded and therefore will travel in the hold.

It is always essential to check the rules of the airline with whom you choose to travel to check exceptions or special cases, also why not all airlines accept dogs.

Of fundamental importance is the European dog passport, which you must always have with you, which certifies that it is up to date with all the ordinary vaccinations and with those necessary for that particular journey.

Depending on the place of destination, not only may the required vaccinations vary, but a quarantine may also be imposed on your 4-legged friend upon arrival, so always check the laws of the states you travel to before leaving.

Traveling with our dog is always more beautiful than traveling without it 🙂

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