How to prepare for the arrival of a puppy

How to prepare for a puppy's arrival at home

In this article you will find one short guide on what cannot be missing at home to best welcome your new puppy and it will be useful, above all, if it is your first puppy.

What to buy when a puppy arrives

  1. First of all you will need some bowls. The bowls must be at least 2, one very large for water and another for food. There are bowls made of different materials, the best are those in steel and ceramic. On the other hand, plastic ones are not recommended as it is a material that retains bacteria.
  2. The food. Whether it is wet or dry, it is always advisable to ask the breeder what type of food the puppy ate in the kennel so as to continue with the same food. The power supply change it must always take place very gradually, so as not to destabilize the dog's digestive system. Also arm yourself with snacks and prizes various, you will need them in the training phase of the newcomer.
  3. Harness, leash and medal. To get him used to walking correctly, buy a harness or a collar, a leash and a medal. Exist different types of harness, it is important to choose the most suitable model correctly, you can learn more about this topic by reading this article.
  4. Sleepers or hygienic mats and hygienic bags. You will educate your puppy to do his toileting outside the house slowly, in the meantime you can use the hygienic sleepers to keep the house clean and get him used to a first rule about needing.
  5. sit. It is important for a puppy who has just arrived at home that he has his own space where he can feel comfortable and where he can rest comfortably. Buy a nice kennel, the right size for your puppy and put it in a sheltered and quiet place in the house.
  6. Games. Ropes, soft toys, interactive games. The choice is very wide, buy toys for your puppy to keep him from getting bored. Buy them little by little so that you can gradually understand which games you prefer.

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