Accessories Disclaimer

NO ACCESS ORY is indestructible, always check your dog’s accessories for wear and tear. We are concerned about the safety and comfort of dogs. Make sure you understand our safety and use policy before using our products. By purchasing and using our products, you agree to the following policy. Safety Notice Our products are intended exclusively for use on domestic dogs. Always seek advice from a qualified veterinarian or dog training professional before deciding which products are right for your dog. Our products may not be suitable for dogs with specific health conditions or medical problems. Our products are seen as complementary accessories and are not intended for the management of aggressive dogs or dogs with behavioral problems. In addition, our products are not toys and should never be accessible for children or animals to play with because of small elements such as the locking clips that pose a choking hazard if swallowed.
  • Products should never be worn in bed or water.
  • Always check that the products are adjusted correctly, making sure they are not too tight or too loose.
  • Dogs must be supervised at all times when using any Piggy Pet product.
  • Collars should never be used on dogs that pull excessively or have weak windpipes. We strongly recommend seeking professional advice on the most suitable products/brands for such dogs.
  • Our slings are complementary accessories for walking and are not intended to correct behavioral problems.
  • Never use a broken or defective collar, harness or leash.
Wear and tear Our products are made of high quality materials. They are subject to wear and tear and are not indestructible. Colors may fade after time with washing, and constant use may lead to wear and tear. Always check for wear and tear to make sure you never use a defective or broken product on your dog. Please see the washing instructions on each product. Defective products All products are checked by us before shipment and also during the packing process. The customer assumes all responsibility for verifying that all aspects of the product are fully functional and suitable for the dog upon arrival, as we cannot guarantee that no damage will occur in transit. In addition, the customer must check that the items are operating safely BEFORE EACH USE. In the very rare event that you receive a defective item upon delivery and the package was not damaged in transit, please contact us immediately at info@piggypet.it with your order/receipt number, details of the defect along with photographs for reference so that we can arrange a replacement where possible. We make every effort to ensure that our products are of high quality, so if you notice a failure with any of the major components within the first 28 days of receipt, please contact us immediately at info@piggypet.it with your order/receipt number, details of the failure along with reference photographs so that we can promptly find a solution for you. We will only replace suspected defective items after 28 days if all product labels are attached and it has never been used. We will try to respond within 2 business days of your email. Disclaimer Piggy Pet assumes no legal responsibility for the use or misuse of the products sold. It is the sole responsibility of customers and/or dog owners to ensure that our products are correct, comfortable and safe for the dog using them. By purchasing our products you agree to this policy. We reserve the right to update our policies at any time. Hand washing is recommended and never wash at temperature above 30 degrees. Products should be left in the air to dry (never put accessories in the dryer) and stored in a suitable manner (they should not be crushed, eaten, left under heat sources or at excessively low temperatures.