Accessories Disclaimer

NO ACCESSORIES it is indestructible, always check the wear of your dog's accessories.

AND customer responsibility determine the suitability of the product worn by your dog.

Our dog accessories are suitable and robust fordaily use, however, we do not recommend it for dogs with behavioral problems or overly aggressive.

We do not refund or replace for general wear of the product, only the original defects will be refunded after our inspection.

The owners are responsible for any damage caused to the products by improper use or damage caused by the dog during walks or improper storage.

All designs of our products are copyrighted.

Owners should ensure that they have purchased the correct size for their dog using the size guides available. We are not responsible for the wrong size purchased, the harnesses must fit perfectly around the neck and chest to be safe.

We do not recommend our dog harnesses that pull excessively, because eventually this behavior will cause tears in the harness making it no longer usable.

Yes recommend hand wash and never wash in temperature above 40 degrees as this will cause shrinkage. Products must be left in the air to dry (never put accessories in the dryer)